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Sitio Americano was founded in 2014 by the Evans family. Located on eight acres of land in the wine region of Sao Roque, SP, Brazil. Our founding vision is built on 5 principles we believe are the foundation of our existence. Faith - Inspiration - Values - Exposure - Opportunity. These lead us all to our crossroads of choice and change and there we can make a free decision.  


All meals and food prepared at Sitio Americano is ethically produced by local small batch farmers. 

Organic Farmhouse
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
HORSE Rental
Outdoor Hot-tub
Eco Toilet
Electric Shower

“I had my church picnic at the Sitio Americano. It was the best picnic we've ever had!”

“I go to the Sitio every week. Each time I go, there's still an activity to be done, food to be eaten, or a good time to be had.

“Sitio Americano is where I decided to have my going away party. They handled all of my needs professionally and with a smile on their face. Great staff!”

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